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Stimulating Learning Environment

“A stimulating learning environment that supports your little one to learn, play and excel!”



Creating and maintaining stimulating learning environments are key to healthy brain development and learning. Thus, our stringent Quality Control ensures that every MRC Learning Centre:


has a cosy, safe and attractive environment that primarily appeal to young children

adheres tightly to safety rules and regulations for your peace of mind

is an open environment that encourage joyous learning through play and positive social interaction that raises student’s self esteem

is taught by our internally trained and dedicated course instructors that also serve as mentors, offering immediate, direct and positive student feedback for effective learning, without compromising on necessary and consistent discipline to succeed

provides measurable performance reports that keep track of your child’s improvement, coupled with personal guidance from our course instructors based on individual results, to ensure peak performance and success.


Depending on the course, students attend our centre at least twice a week. With a flexible variety of courses, centre locations and timetables available, it has never been easier to give your child the joyful and rewarding journey of whole brain education that he or she deserves.


Simply Click here to find a centre most convenient for you, and give your child the head start with MRC Learning Centre today.