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Transformative Learning Systems


"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think" ~ Socates



MRC JSP, MRC and 3Q™ learning programs are innovative intellectual architectures exclusive to MRC Learning Centres. They have been designed to nurture healthy curiosity, develop the whole brain, and instill a lifelong love for learning. All learning programs received honour recognition by the Ministry of Education in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Each program has been meticulously developed by SMM Education Group to provide world-class standards whole brain education. Our internal researchers adopted key world-class research from global education specialists and scholars to develop the core competencies of SMM Education Group’s initial program development.

One of the core competencies is “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” – a teaching method primarily founded on the nine multiple intelligences research by Howard Gardner, an internationally renowned Harvard University professor and developmental psychologist who played a key role in education and learning research. Gardner’s research states that the nine multiple intelligences of humans are:










The framework of “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” leverages Gardner’s education research, thus optimising children’s learning by enhancing the multiple ways of whole brain learning and information processing. 

To complete whole brain development, our internal researchers also developed the “Super Memory Map” (SMM) to be another core competency of our programs. The “Super Memory Map” is an eastern education philosophy framework and teaching guideline that has been designed to encourage optimal concrete and abstract learning.


The SMM Methodology enables students to:

Easily convert the content of school lessons into long-term memory images

Master dictation, spelling and comprehension

Write and communicate effectively

Master the use of grammar and expand their vocabulary


With our “Formula 9 Teaching Approach”, “Super Memory Map” core competencies, we successfully merged the best practices of western and eastern education philosophy into one effective learning centre. This unique combination has been integrated into each program to create a transformative learning experience that develops the whole brain, giving your child the best start for future success.