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MRC JSP™ is catered for students aged 7-12 years old. The program is a primary school enrichment learning (Standard 1-6) designed to help children excel in school with homework guidance, as well as provide whole brain development across four major areas:
·         Academic curriculum
·         Holistic enrichment
·         Educational related services
·         Life skills mastery

Learning Hours Standard 1 to standard 6 (7 to 12 years old)
Learning Hours minimum of 2 hours per session
Operating hours Depends on branches [Search for branches near you]
Duration 5 months per Semester, 5 Session per Week and 2 Hours per Session

Features of the course:


  • JSP™ English
  • JSP™ Bahasa Malaysia
  • JSP™ Chinese
  • JSP™ Mathematics
  • JSP™ Science
  • Homework Guidance
  • 140 sets of test papers from school around Malaysia
  • Exam preparation

Educational related services

  • “V care” after School care
  • JSP international Talent competitions
  • The challenge of 9MI


  • Whole Brain Development Programme
  • SMM Methodology
  • Talent development

Life skill mastery

  • Character building
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  • JSP™ English
    Our JSP™ English program focuses on improving student’s English skills in grammar, comprehension and writing. The program utilises Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology to enhance children’s ability to quickly assimilate information, as well as develop concentration skills and facilitate faster memory recall. The syllabus includes:
    Listening, speaking, reading and writing
    Mastering grammar and sentence patterns
    Essay writing and creativity
    Converting words into images memory techniques
    Applying image memory techniques to school lessons for long-term memory storage
  • JSP™ Bahasa Malaysia

    Our JSP™ Bahasa Maaysia program focuses on improving student’s Bahasa Malaysia skills in “tatabahasa”, “pemahaman” and “karangan”. The program utilises Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology to enhance children’s ability to quickly assimilate information, as well as develop concentration skills and facilitate faster memory recall. The syllabus includes:
    ·         Dictation, spelling and comprehension
    ·         Enhance “karangan” writing ability
    ·         Master the “nilai-nilai murni”
    ·         Master vocabulary, phrases, sentence patterns and composition through visualization techniques
    ·         Applying image memory techniques to school lessons for long-term memory storage

  • JSP™ Chinese

    Chinese can be a difficult subject to masters with its complex grammar rules and sentences structures. Our JSP™ Chinese help students to perform better in this subject by utilising Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology when teaching “Grammar-语法”, “comprehension – 理解题” and “Writing – 作文”. The techniques enhance children’s ability to quickly assimilate information, as well as develop concentration skills and facilitate faster memory recall.

  • JSP™ Mathematics

    Learning mathematics help children learn how to solve problems logically. We make this logic learning activity fun and easy using our creative memory map approach. The syllabus is divided into two:

    Math 1 (four basic operations)

    Math 2 (mathematical problem solving)

    Through Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology, children improve their mastery of basic mathematical operations, as well as improve their ability to understand and apply mathematical terminology covered in schools.

  • JSP™ Science
    At the heart of science is a question-and-answer process to understand the natural and physical world that we live in. Learning science develops a child’s curiosity and ability to ask questions, collect information, organise and test ideas, and apply what they learn. In JSP™ Science, we apply Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology to help children master science by:
    ·         Applying image memory techniques to school lessons for long-term memory storage
    ·         Enhance the ability to process information and make tentative statements of events and relationship in the question-and-answer process of science
  • Homework Guidance

    Homework is an important element in a child’s learning process because it simultaneously helps to activate understanding and memory. In this program, we personally guide each child to understand and completely their school homework so that they can understand each school subject better. Other than assisting and supervising our student’s homework, we also ensure that students complete all their homework activity before proceeding to other enrichment activities.

  • 140 sets of test papers from school around Malaysia

    Exams can be scary for most children. Simply helping a child become familiar with exam structure and format can easily reduce their fear of exams. We provide students with up to 140 sets of test paper gathered from schools nationwide to familiarise them with exam structure, boost their confidence, and enable them to perform better in actual examinations. 

  • Exam preparation

    One of the most effective ways to help children perform better in exams is to provide practice on past test papers. Utilizing the 140 sets of test papers, we help our students become familiar with typical exam questions. We also assist students identify important areas of improvement, as well as carry out a practice timed assessment for better time management that help reduce stress during actual examinations.

Educational Related Services

  • ‘V’ care services
    ‘V’ care is our day care service where meals and enrichment program will be provided during the services hour. In SMM we take very serious dedication on the responsibility that you entrust to us – “caring for your precious little ones”. We have taken the following Quality Control Policies in all of our branches to ensure safety and security of children in our care-center:

    • All branches set up, toy, books and other material must compile with our Quality Control Guidelines.
    • All children are accompanied by a teacher at all times.
    • All teachers are trained to provide emergency first aid
    • Outside access to our center is enabled through only one main gate and one access controlled main door.
    • Children’s outside play area is fully enclosed, while still allowing children to play in plenty of sunlight and fresh air.
    • In line with international standards, teachers are also trained in emergency evacuation and handling procedures for facilities with small children.

    In addition to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security for center, we also maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This is aimed at providing a fresh and healthy environment for little children to explore, as well as, at minimizing the spread of any infections or diseases.

  • JSP international Talent competitions

    The objective of JSP international Talent competitions is to create a platform for our 7 to 12 years old children to showcase their 9MI (9 multiple intelligent) talents developed through our unique whole brain educational programs. The competitions were being held yearly with different tittle and contents. Most of the competition covered content like “Super memory maps contest”, “Treasure hunt”, “Tele-match”, singing and dancing. Our children can participate as individual or group, as long as they are registered / existing SMM students.

  • 9MI challenges:

    The challenge of 9MI is a series of relationship building activities planned specially for our parents to spend time with their children.

    Becoming involved in child’s education pays off in many ways. Students whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, score better on standardized tests, and excel better in life. We are therefore always encouraged our parents to more spend more time with their children.


  • Whole Brain Development
    Each program has been meticulously developed by SMM Education Group to provide world-class standards in whole brain education. Our internal researchers adopted key world-class research from global education specialists and scholars to develop both the analytical left brain and the spatial information right brain.
    Coordination of left and right brain through our through computations (abacus) and Brain Train exercise (Super Memory Map) encourages optimal concrete and abstract learning. Some of the benefits that students will get out whole brain development include:
    ·         Better Creative and Imaginative Skills
    ·         Photographic Memory
    ·         Sharper Observations
    ·         Improved Analytical Skills
    ·         Greater Concentration
    ·         Better Comprehension and Calculation Skills
    ·         Enhances Problem-Solving Capability
    ·         Keen Listening Skills
    ·         Improved Accuracy and Speed in Computations
    ·         Logical Reasoning
    ·         Improved Reading and Writing Skills
    ·         Improved Self-Confidence and Self-Reliance
  • SMM Methodology

    The “Super Memory Map” (SMM) is an eastern education philosophy framework and teaching guideline that has been designed to encourage optimal concrete and abstract learning.


    The SMM methodology enables students to:

    Easily convert the content of school lessons into long-term memory images

    Master dictation, spelling and comprehension

    Write and communicate effectively

    Master the use of grammar and expand their vocabulary

  • Talent development “9 multiple intelligent”

    We at SMM Education Group also pride ourselves in taking the initiative to help each and every child develop their full potential according to their unique strengths and talents.  That’s why, in addition to our whole brain learning programs, we also actively hold various talent development activities for students to participate in.

Life skill mastery

  • Character building
    Life skills such as psychosocial, interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills equip children with the tools and ability to appropriately and responsibly make decisions commonly faced in daily life. Developing life skills often involves critical thinking and values clarification. Acquiring mastery of these skills produces powerful behavioural outcomes. 
    At MRC Learning Centres, we help your child joyously develop these necessary life skills through exciting storytelling and interactive activities. The program focuses on delivering values such as:
    Positive mental attitude for resilience during hard times
    The ability to be flexible and adaptable for creative problem solving
    Performance and accountability for responsible discipline and life decisions
    Interpersonal skills for effective communication and mature social interaction
    Proactive skills and introspective skills for personal growth
    Leadership skills for life and career success
    Character development for a balanced, healthy and happy life

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