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SMM Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research

SMM Entrepreneurship Innovation and Research aims to promote innovation and creativity through research and development. The purpose of research and development is nothing less than to ensure the business sustainability and entrepreneurial growth.

Innovation promotes a continual state of change, as better, more effective and efficient ways are found for accomplish a given task. Innovation research and development is charged with initiating and managing these changes and it must do so briskly and intentionally in order to keep up with, or preferably stay ahead of the rest in this competitive environment.

Through arrays of activities, SMM Entrepreneurship Centre undertakes the purpose of assisting our members in acquiring new knowledge and skills for practical use. Areas and activities involve for innovation research shall not limit to the followings: -


To lead by example, our Edupreneurial Team Leader, Group Chairman Mr. Lim Teck Ting and Group Managing Director Ms. Goh Hui Chyn have both contributed by publishing their research papers in relation to the fields they are specialized in.

Both studied on the formulation of entrepreneurial team policies, establishment of entrepreneurial design and determinants of entrepreneurial competencies to support each business associate in managing their respective centers.

Links: -

Founder cum CEO of SMM Education Group
Mr. Lim Teck Ting, MSc (MMU)

1.  “Knowledge application in a franchise learning business”

Managing Director of SMM Education Group
Ms. Goh Hui Chyn, MBA (UUM)

1. "Entrepreneurial Team Formation in an Education-Based Organization”
2. "Human Resource Management Practices in Logistic Service Provider Industry: A Case Study"