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SMM Enterprise Incubator

SMM Enterprise Incubator aims to foster MRCian culture and enabling environment for the creation and growth of new venture. This focus is especially on new Business Associates (BA) and early stage of business.
Start-up business plan
The objective of Start-up business plan is to assist our Business Associates particularly the newly joined one to prepare and establish a sound business plan of which he/she can execute and follow through for their establishment.
The Start-up business plan shall focus on 4 Key Processes (4 KPs) that includes: -
  • Revenue growth
  • Edupreneurial Development Program
  • Edupreneurial Financial
  • Profitable Operation
The best written Start-up business plan will be awarded with Paper Award. The Startup business plan will then be observed for their proper execution. The learning centre which follow and achieved what have been planned will be presented for Execution Award eventually.