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Entrepreneurship Centre Overview

SMM Entrepreneurship Centre aims to assist those inexperienced starts-up to overcome obstacles such as lack of business connections, know-how, knowledge, skills and competencies and to offer opportunity for them to tap on current entrepreneurial resources to make their dreams come true and become successful eventually. It also plays the part to nurture entrepreneurial learning and venture creation among MRCians.

Objectives of the establishment of SMM Entrepreneurship Centre include:

  1. To build a career path for entrepreneurial leaders to ensure business continuity, profitability and growth.
  2. To drive organizational entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship competency development
  3. To build entrepreneurship leadership capabilities and leadership pipeline to counterbalance frequent changes and for business continuity
  4. To foster MRCian culture and an enabling environment for the creation and growth of new ventures.
  5. To provide entrepreneurial resources, motivational experiences, career advancement, network multiplying strategies and ideas.
  6. To create the awareness among and educate the members of entrepreneurial Team in general of the importance of a healthy entrepreneurial team spirit environment and sustainable business development.