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Beginning of year 2011, we have embarked on formalized the SMM Edupreneurial Academy (SEA) as our corporate action-oriented entrepreneurial transformation strategy. This action-oriented entrepreneurial strategy is capable of stimulating the individual action rationality and it is also helps to foster the necessary conditions for new ventures and strategic expansion of existing learning centres.

In other words, SEA incorporated a business generation model that offers three things. First, it provides entrepreneurial courses for participating MRCians. Second, it helps to promote activities necessary for a sustainable entrepreneurial environment and Third, SEA emphasizes the establishment of an actual business as part of the program.

At the end of year 2011, we have added another 121new outlets and making a total of 501 learning centres throughout Malaysia. This is a prominent improvement as compare with only 60 new learning centres for year 2010.  Obviously, SEA has significantly changed the entrepreneurial intentions of all the MRCians that include staff, Management Team, Course Instructors and Business Associates.

MRC Young Entrepreneur Synergy Club (MRC YES Club) provides solutions and resources to enhance member's professional and personal life. The establish of  MRC YES Club also help our members to:

  • Increase productivity and income
  • Increase profitability
  • Receive reorganization for achievements
  • Receive latest information
  • Education Tour